Gift card NORDBAEK - various amounts

Gift card NORDBAEK - various amounts

Regular price 100,00 DKK

The perfect gift! Spoil someone dear to you with a gift card for the NORDBAEK webshop. Choose between 9 gift card amounts. Please click on each option to see the specific gift card amounts stated in your local currency.

Couldn't be easier - after purchase the gift card it's delivered to you via an email which contains the unique gift card code for the selected amount. When ready you simply forward this email to the lucky recipient.

He/she can now shop exactly their desired products from the NORDBAEK collection.

They don't have to spend the entire gift card amount at once. The unique code is valid until the total amount has been spent. It's always possible to see the available funds via the original email.

It's off course also possible to pay extra via credit card if the recipient wishes to spend more than the available gift card amount.

Happy shopping :)