Should I choose fleece or terry?
At NORDBAEK, we love all our products, and - just like with children - it is impossible for us to choose a favorite. That said, all of our products are made for different purposes, needs and preferences with different types of customers in mind.

And precisely our sweet customers, and especially the communication with you, we are especially grateful for, and we receive a lot of good questions from you daily regarding our products - but there is one question in particular that goes back; should I choose a terry or fleece bathrobe?

Whether one prefers one type over the other is a very individual matter. That is why we have decided to make it even easier for you to choose exactly the NORDBAEK product that best suits you and your lifestyle. Read below :)

Our women's coats with fleece are available in 6 beautiful colors

In short, the fleece bathrobe is made for you who want to stay warm for a longer time after you have dried your body with a towel - fleece does not absorb water. This also means that with a fleece bathrobe you can calmly take the thermos under your arm, because the windproof coat must be combined with the silky soft fleece lining, will keep you warm for hours and prolong the fresh feeling you have in the body after the winter bath.

The biggest advantage of fleece: Our NORDBAEK fleece coat keeps you warm, even long after you have come out of the cold water - just remember to also bring a towel so you can dry yourself before putting on the coat :)

Our ladies coats with terrycloth are available in 3 beautiful colors

Our eco-tex terry bathrobe works completely as a soft towel that wraps your body and absorbs the water from your skin, so that even on cold and windy days you quickly become dry and warm again. This means that terry cloth is the best choice for you if you like to jump in the water and jump straight into the bathrobe afterwards. If you are going to sit and enjoy a hot cup when the bathing trip is over, be aware that the coat feels slightly moist from having sucked the water drops away from your skin.

The biggest advantage of terrycloth: You do not need to bring a towel - our soft, water-absorbent and windproof terrycloth bathrobe is everything you need for your quick morning dip.

Terrycloth is also called towel fabric in everyday speech.