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Our first newsletter was published in March 2018. 
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summer swims

Newsletter #5

A swim in the ocean in summer time is a completely different experience than in winter time. Warmer temperatures mean more time in the water and in most places also more people at the beach or by the lake :)

We hope you've had a beautiful summer with lots of beautiful days by the water. We've had a nice summer and we've also had time to prepare for the slowly approaching winter season with new colours and products in the shop. We are so excited to show you.

Also NORDBAEK has a pop-up shop at Christiansborg Rundt this Saturday - please come and say hi :)Read more about the event in this newsletter.

NORDBAEK robes in 3 beautiful nordic colours

The NORDBAEK robe has - until now - only been available in one colour. This summer the classic anthracite grey got two sisters in new nordic colours: A deep navy blue and a dusty rose. All 3 colours fit each other beautifully, so you can mix and match across your NORDBAEK products.

We hope you like the new colours :)

The quality of the robes is still the same: Windproof and water resistant quilt on the outside with warm fleece on the inside. The NORDBAEK robes also come with the features that make the robe so special: Cuffs that can be turned into mittens to protect your hands, magnet closings at the chest and knee and zippers in both pockets to make sure you don't drop your valuables while swimming. This is a new upgrade since last generation of robes.

You can see the colours and try on a robe if you visit us this Saturday (August, 31st) at Christiansborg Rundt in front of the Black Diamond in Copenhagen.

If you are mostly walking or biking to the water - the NORDBAEK jumpsuit is a great choice for you. Please learn more about the jumpsuit in this newsletter.


Warm regards

Ida & Barbara

NORDBAEK @ Christiansborg Rundt


Nordbaekswim Instagram

NORDBAEK beach bag - big and spacious :)

NORDBAEK robe in 3 colours

Just in! The NORDBAEK 'Deluxe' robe is now available in 3 beautiful nordic colours: Dusty rose, dark navy blue and anthracite grey (scroll down for photos).

Please find more information here :)

Meet NORDBAEK @ Christiansborg Rundt

We are looking so much forward to joining Christiansborg Rundt again this year. The atmosphere is simply great on this day. The event takes place in the canals surrounding the old beautiful buildings of The Danish Government in Copenhagen. Please come and visit the NORDBAEK stand :) We have some good offers ready for you.

NORDBAEK navy and black jumpsuit

Our jumpsuit is popular among those who are walking or biking to their swimming spot. It is comfy and so soft on the inside, that you can of course be naked underneath ;) It is windproof - which means you will stay warm all the way home. Also great for walking the dog in the forest :) See the NORDBAEK jumpsuit here


lagersalg | outlet sale

Newsletter #4

Date: April 10, 2019

We are serving refreshments during the day :)

See you at Wesselsmindevej 4, 2850 Nærum. Go upstairs and find us there


De bedste hilsener
Ida & Barbara



the magic of winter

NORDBAEK newsletter #3

The magic of winter ❄ Date: January 30, 2019 ❄

We believe winter swimming has grown so popular for 4 reasons:

- The cold water energy boost (good mild adrenaline rush)
- An enhanced feeling of happiness (extra endorphines in the blood)
- Getting a small break during our often busy every day lives
- Connecting with nature and watching the seasons change

Since our start 1,5 years ago we have experienced an increasing interest in NORDBAEK from happy winter and open water swimmers not only in Denmark but all over the world. Because of this we have decided to publish our newsletter in English from now on - to welcome everyone across all borders!

We wish you all beautiful winter swimming experiences around the world :)


Ida & Barbara

Ps. We love it when you share your NORDBAEK moments on Facebook and Instagram - please tag us @nordbaekswim or #nordbaekswim


This winter swim season has been positively overwhelming for us. We have shipped warm and wind proof NORDBAEK robes to more winter swimmers in Denmark and internationally than we could have ever dreamed of. Thank you so much to all of you for being so supportive and enthusiastic - always taking time to give us great and useful feedback. We really appreciate it :)

This newsletter focuses on the two topics we know many of you are waiting for information on: The NORDBAEK Deluxe Robe & the NORDBAEK Jumpsuit.

Because of great demand - especially over Christmas - our stock needs filling earlier than expected! We are happy to let you know that we are working round the clock to start up the next production of NORDBAEK products. We are expecting to have more Deluxe Robes and Jumpsuits in stock in 3-6 months. We know it's a while to wait - but we will not compromise when it comes to quality. Hopefully you'll find that our products are worth waiting for :) Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Please note: We still have quite a few Men's Robes and a few Deluxe Robes (size M) and Original Robes (size L) left in the webshop!


If you wish to secure YOUR robe or jumpsuit in the 2019 production, we have now opened for pre-orders (against a small deposit) in the webshop:

NORDBAEK 'Deluxe' robe
NORDBAEK jumpsuit

Please note: If you pre-order before April 1st 2019, you save 10% on your selected product. Save 150 DKK on the NORDBAEK Deluxe robe and 250 on the NORDBAEK jumpsuit!


NORDBAEK men's robe

'Sky Captain' is our new swim robe for men - and sporty women! It's perfect for the rough and windy weather by the sea - warm, wind proof and with the same practical features known from our Deluxe Women's Robe:

  • Pocket zipper (to keep valuables safe)
  • Efficient magnet closing mechanism on chest and knee
  • Cuffs that turn into mittens to keep your hands warm
It's a bit shorter (knee-length) and has a straight figure compared to the A-fit of the women's robe - this is to provide a more 'unisex' look which our customer survey showed is important to some of our male customers :)

Read more about Sky Captain here
NORDBAEK swim shoes

Our unisex, light weight and quick drying swim shoes are an instant success. On request we now also offer size 35-36 to fit women with small feet and children who will love our swim shoes at the beach this spring and summer - no more pain when walking on rocks and stones in and by the sea! The biggest size is still 43/44. The NORDBAEK swim shoes are elastic and thus easy to get on and off. The shoes are also great to wear when actually swimming as they stay on the feet even over rather long distances.

Read more about our swim shoes here

FORMLAND - Jan 30th to Feb 3rd

We are proud to have been selected for CREATORS COMMUNITY at Formland - the biggest design fair in Scandinavia. This special area of the fair is for start-up businesses and promising brands with a unique sense of design. We are there to proudly present NORDBAEK - the world's first winter swimming brand... as far as we now :)

See where to find us @ Formland and please write to us, if you want to meet up:

Please download the newsletter #3 here


The 2 first newsletters were written in Danish, as this was before we had customers from other countries. Here they are in Danish, sorry for that ;)

swim & smile

NORDBAEK newsletter #2

Beautiful Summer ❄ Date: August 21, 2018


Sikken en skøn sommer, vi har haft her i Danmark :) Mange har
badet i havet mange gange om ugen. Det giver en dejlig og frisk energi.

Hvis du kender en, der gerne vil blive vinterbader, så husk at det er nu, man skal fortsætte med at bade - for at få en glidende overgang til det kolde vand.

Velkommen til NORDBAEKs andet nyhedsbrev.


Vi er glade for at kunne præsentere en række nyheder i NORDBAEKs univers, som mange af jer har efterspurgt:

NORDBAEK badesko
Vi har lagt vægt på at lave et par sko, som er utroligt nemme at få af og på, uden lynlåse eller snore. Kolde fingre rimer nemlig ikke på svære lukkemekanismer. Derudover vejer NORDBAEK skoene næsten ingenting og er hurtigt tørrende. Med dem på, kan du nemt klare den isglatte bro eller de små skarpe strandsten, da de har en 5 mm skridsikker sål. De er designet i unisex stil og passer derfor både kvinder og mænd. Se NORDBAEK badesko her.

NORDBAEK herrekåbe
Mange mænd har i løbet af sidste vinter kigget langt efter kvindernes vindtætte NORDBAEK kåber. Vi har derfor - efter utallige opfordringer - designet en maskulin NORDBAEK kåbe i en flot sort quilt. Vi har lagt vægt på et snit og diskrete detaljer, som klæder mænd, samtidig med at vi har bibeholdt samme høje vindtætte og varme kvalitet fra den grå kåbe. Navnet er 'SKY CAPTAIN', og han vil være at finde i vores webshop fra primo oktober.

NYE DETALJER kvindekåbe
I løbet af sidste vinter fik vi gode ideer og input fra jer, vores dejlige kunder. Tak for dem :) Vi har derfor valgt at udstyre NORDBAEK kåben for kvinder (2018/2019 modellen) med to nye smarte detaljer: En magnet ved knæet, så kåben forbliver lukket selv i strid vind og en lynlås i højre lomme til telefon og nøgler. Vi har døbt kvindekåben 'WINDY OCEAN'. Tag godt imod hende i vores webshop fra primo september.


NORDBAEK deltager på Christiansborg Rundt 2018 på lørdag den 25. august kl. 9-17 foran Den Sorte Diamant i København.

NORDBAEK sælger i denne anledning ud af vores 2. sorteringskåber til en super god pris (BEMÆRK kun den grå NORDBAEK kåbe for kvinder, 2017-modellen). Dette tilbud gælder kun lørdag den 25. august på vores stand på Christiansborg Rundt.

Kom forbi og gør et kup, så du er velekviperet til den kommende vinterbadesæson. Vi sælger også vores badesko, tasker og fodmåtter :)

Du finder os her:
NORDBAEK (Expo-teltet) ved Den Sorte Diamant

Læs mere om Christiansborg Rundt:
Trygfonden Copenhagen Swim

Vi håber på, at se så mange af jer, som muligt derinde. Og derudover ønsker vi jer alle en dejlig start på efteråret ved havet :)


Ida & Barbara

NORDBAEK badesko

De nye badesko fra NORDBAEK beskytter fødderne mod den kolde bro eller de skarpe sten. De er meget nemme at tage af og på, vejer næste ingenting og tørrer hurtigt. Forbered dig på vintersæsonen og køb dem her: NORDBAEK badesko.

Christiansborg Rundt

På lørdag svømmer 4000 open-water-entusiaster rundt om Christiansborg. NORDBAEK sælger ud af vores 2. sorterings kåber til en god pris. Kom forbi pladsen ved Den Sorte Diamant og gør et kup :)

Find os i EXPO-teltet på Søren Kierkegaards Plads: Rutevejledning.

Please download the newsletter #2 here


swim & smile

NORDBAEK newsletter #1

Winterswimming ❄ Date: March 16, 2018

Vinterbadning boomer netop nu, fordi flere og flere har fået øjnene op
for hvor skøn en energi man får efter et dyp i det kolde gys.
Velkommen til NORDBAEKs første nyhedsbrev.

Det er nu et halvt år siden, vi tegnede de første spæde streger på papiret med ambitionen om at lave lækkert, praktisk og vindtæt udstyr til livet ved havet - året rundt. Vi er blevet mødt af den mest fantastiske glæde og entusiasme. NORDBAEK har ramt ned i en tendens i tiden, som får flere og flere til at tage til havet i al slags vejr.

Vinterbadning spreder sig, fordi det daglige dyp i det iskolde gys, udskiller endorfiner og nærmest bliver afhængighedsskabende. Vi kan se, at tendensen ikke kun er dansk, men stor på det meste af den nordlige halvkugle. Vi er så glade for, at NORDBAEK kåben nu er i brug ikke kun i Danmark, men også Sverige og Irland.


NORDBAEK kåbens design og features har vist sig ikke kun at matche vinterbaderens ønsker, men også den lidt mere hardcore afdeling - nemlig issvømmerne. Derfor har vi her i NORDBAEK valgt at sponsorere en gruppe danske issvømmere, som repræsenterede Danmark ved VM i issvømning i Tallinn d. 6.-10. marts 2018, hvor 1300 issvømmere stillede op fra hele verden i distancer fra 25 meter og helt op til 450 meter i det iskolde vand.

Er du nysgerrig, kan du læse mere på den danske hjemmeside om issvømning: og på den officielle engelske VM-side:


Her i Danmark har vinterbadesæsonen vist sig fra en helt specielt smuk side i år. I mange dele af landet har der nemlig været mulighed for at bade i grødis. En helt unik oplevelse, som nærmest føles som at bade i en kæmpe stor slushice. Tak til alle jer, vores glade kunder, som har lagt billeder på NORDBAEKs Facebook side, eller sendt os billeder og beskeder om, hvor dejligt det er, at NORDBAEK kåben er vindtæt, samt hvor glade I er for lufferne og magneten ved brystet er.


Hvis du har lyst til at opleve slushice og ishakker sammen med os, kan du klikke ind på NORDBAEKs Facebook og Instagram profiler, hvor vi løbende opdaterer billedgalleriet og fortæller om jeres og vores egne vinterbade-oplevelser.

Sidst men ikke mindst en stor tak for, at I bliver ved med at dele jeres oplevelser og input med os, som I har været så gode til indtil nu. Vi elsker at høre fra vores kunder og jeres input er uundværlige i vores stræben efter også fremover at kunne tilbyde relevante produkter til vinterbadere i Danmark og udlandet.


Barbara & Ida

Slut med kolde hænder

Omdan nemt dine ærmer til varme luffer med dejlig blød fleece indeni. Med NORDBAEK kåbens luffer får du hurtigt varmen i dine hænder igen efter et hop i det kolde gys.

Vedbæk-firma sørger for varme til is-svømmere

Vi er stolte over, at NORDBAEKs sponsorat i forbindelse med VM i issvømning blev dækket så flot af Frederiksborg Amtavis lørdag d. 10. marts 2018.
Hvis du vil læse hele artiklen kan du finde den her:

Læs artiklen her

Please download the newsletter #1 here